The SkiDeal Story

How Did SkiDeal Shorten Average Time Of Customer Requests Completion By 70% After Moving Most Of Its Operation To WhatsApp

Key Results

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drop in average time to
Complete Customer Requests
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improvement in
Agent Efficiency
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of initial customer outreach is now
Done on WhatsApp

About SkiDeal

SkiDeal consists of people who dream of snow. Founded in 2020, it consists of ski and tourism, wiling and eager to fulfil their customer dreams.

SkiDeal is an online expert tourism company, specializing in tailor made ski holidays. As the largest ski holiday operator in Israel since 2002, it has organized and sold over 22 thousand vacations each year and has over 100 thousand website visitors a month.

SkiDeal’s Challenge

Skideal was looking to further enhance their customer experience just before the next ski season. Their sales agents were engaging with customers using various channels, including call routing solutions, webchat, email automation and SMS platforms which easily integrated with their Salesforce CRM.

Their customers had been asking to communicate with agents directly through WhatsApp repeatedly because of connectivity, bad or no internet connections and costs of communicating when overseas. After implementing a WhatsApp button on their website, SkiDeal realized that chats were not being logged in Salesforce, and new agents could not access chat history.

In addition, it was impossible for the agents to easily identify customers from the get go, making it impossible to deliver better and faster customer service. Furthermore, SkiDeal preferred the option of direct agent/customer interaction rather than the chat bot or automated solutions they were offered.

Adam Karni, Chief Operation Officer at SkiDeal

“Most of our customer engagement today is done through WhatsApp, and with Whatslly, our teams are x6 more efficient. The average time to complete customer requests dropped by 70% and in the first 6 months our deal closing rates were increased dramatically comparing other channels.”

Whatslly Provided the Solution

SkiDeal implemented the Whatslly solution, and connected their WhatsApp to Salesforce. Enabling their agents to view and sync customer data and back chats on WhatsApp directly into Salesforce and in real time. Also they were now able to –

  • Return to inbound leads that are interested in booking a ski package but wanting to speak with an agent first.
  • Reach out to prospects that didn’t finish the online booking process, getting agents to quickly assist in the completion of the booking.
  • Provide service to people before, during and after their vacation. Services including changes to booked reservation, upgrades, general questions etc.

SkiDeal Couldn’t Have Asked For Better Outcomes

WhatsApp is now the preferred and mostly used customer channel of communication. Agents use WhatsApp in over 40% of their customer interactions (compared to 5% before) which enables them to engage with multiple customers simultaneously.

55% of the initial outreach (getting back to customers) and 80% of the engagement with customers during their vacation is done using WhatsApp.

As of today, more than 5,000 customer interactions on average are automatically monitored in Salesforce every month, and SkiDeal is able to create customer experience continuity and have full visibility of the cross-channel engagement.

The time to complete any customer request dropped by 30% due to the instant response from team and the customers.

“Most of our customer engagement today is done through WhatsApp, and with Whatslly, our teams are x6 more efficient.” says Adam Karni, SkiDeal’s Chief Operations Officer. “The average time to complete customer requests dropped by 70% and in the first 6 months our deal closing rates were increased dramatically comparing other channels.”

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