June 2020 (v3.2)


We are happy to announce that Whatslly version 3.2 has just been released and it brings some very powerful new features and capabilities.

To update your version please follow these steps.

As mentioned in our previous version releases, most of the new features require you to install our app from the AppExchange. So if you didn’t do it yet, please make sure to book a time for a quick chat and we’ll be happy guide you through the installation.

Here is what’s new in version 3.2:

Activities and Cases snapshots (also in the account level)

Many of you asked us to add an option to see cases that are related to contacts you talk with from the Agent Panel. So starting this version, we’ve added this option right under the ‘Recent Activities & Tasks’ option. In addition, we have extended this capability to the account level and now you can also see Activities, Tasks and Cases that are related to the account.

Auto Chat Syncing

This is actually big news! We now support the option to automatically and seamlessly sync messages you view on WhatsApp (up to 3 months back). By default, this option is turned off and you can turn it on for specific WhatsApp chats you want to sync. Inside Salesforce, we’ve added new Visualforce pages for the Lead, Contact and Account layouts and you can use them to easily review all the WhatsApp messages that were sent and received. The messages are stored in a new custom object in Salesforce, called ‘Whatslly Thread Message’ and you can use it in your APEX triggers to build custom flows around it.

(spoiler alert) we are exploring the option to using Einstein to add a layer of context & sentiment analysis on top of the collected data to provide insights in a format of patterns and trends. Stay tuned! 🙂

Management Overview Dashboard

To enable the management teams at your company getting a quick understanding of how customers interact with the company over WhatsApp, our Lightning App (Whatslly Lightning) includes now a Management Overview Dashboard. The dashboard shows the total number of engaged people, messages received and sent, and engagement over time. Also, you can see how many records were created through the Agent Panel (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Activities, Tasks and Cases).

Full support in Person Account

We have improved our support in Person Account and added many new capabilities such as creating new person or business accounts, support in dynamic templates and more.

Have any requests, great ideas, feedback or suggestions on how we can make Whatslly even better? We’d love to hear from you! Email us to [email protected]

Keep safe!

 The Whatslly Team

Your extension should be upgraded automatically, but if you see in the Whatslly panel a note that asks you to upgrade you can follow these instructions to do it.

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