Getting Started & General

Installing Whatslly on your browser

Go to our page on the Chrome Web Store and click the Add to Chrome button.

Once installed, you will be automatically redirected to the WhatsApp web app.

Connecting with Salesforce

1. After installing the Whatslly extension from the Google Web Store, go back to WhatsApp Web App and refresh the page. The Whatslly Agent User Interface (UI) will show up.

2. Click on one of your WhatsApp contact and wait for Whatslly to refresh.

3. Once refreshed, a ‘Connect Salesforce’ button will show up – click it.

4. You will need to accept the Terms of Use, and it’s recommended that you will subscribe to receive our updates by email.

5. Insert your Salesforce username or email* and click ‘Connect’.

6. If you are not logged in to Salesforce you will be asked to do so to complete the authentication process.

Can I install it on my Salesforce sandbox instance?


Before connecting with your Salesforce account, click the “Use sandbox or custom domain” link, below the ‘Connect’ button. Insert the URL of your instance (https://yourdomain.salesforce.com) and click ‘Connect’.

Is it secured?


We take the protection of your personal and your business’ data very seriously and treat it confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations.

We do not collect or store any of your leads, prospects, contacts or customers data.

We do collect and store the minimum data on our (Whatslly) users we need for the agreed purpose and use secured databases hosted on Amazon AWS servers (AWS). Same servers we run all other operations on.

Any third-party API integrations are leveraging standard encryption techniques (such as SSL) over HTTPS.

Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

Is Whatslly an AppExchange partner?

Not yet, we have already started the application process which usually takes a few months.


Start a WhatsApp chat from Salesforce

This is one of the most popular parts of the product!

Whatslly automatically appends a Chat Now icon () next to each phone number in Salesforce. You can click it at any time to start a WhatsApp chat with your prospects and customers using the web app.

Copy WhatsApp chat messages into Salesforce

You can copy relevant messages from the chat, add notes and automatically copy them into Salesforce as Activity, Task or Case.

Our customers love this part of the product!

Store WhatsApp files (photos, audio, video) in Salesforce

This is not supported yet but we are working on it.

Do I must have a dedicated phone number?

A dedicated phone number is not required.

Your representatives can still using their own personal/company numbers. When they have Whatslly installed on their browsers, it will show up automatically on the WhatsApp web app.

From our experience (as a company and consumers), it is a much better experience to have a 1-1 engagement with real people rather than with some company number.


Field customization

You can customize the fields you want to see when chatting with people and what is required to fill our when creating new leads or copying chats.

Simply click the settings icon on the top-right (connected users only), select the relevant layout and modify the fields.

Available customizable layouts:

Show: Lead, Contact and Account

Insert: New Lead, New Contact, New Account, New Activity, New Task, New Case

Team management tools

This is still under development.

Until released, any changes in your team like adding or removing users is handled by our support team ([email protected]).


Making WhatsApp calls

Since this feature is not supported by the WhatsApp web app, we don’t provide such solution.

Bulk or automated messaging

We do not support any bulk or automated messaging.

We are aligned with the WhatsApp’s terms of use which prohibit this kind of actions.

Is it possible to use the same WhatsApp on multiple desktops?

Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn’t support this, each user can be used only on a single laptop every time.

How to avoid getting banned by WhatsApp?

WhatsApp are banning millions of accounts every months based on machine learning algorithms they use. They mainly tracking registration processes, types of engagement and the content you include in your messages.

Since Whatslly is seamless, we recommend you to follow the rules below to avoid getting banned:

  1. Review the WhatsApp’s terms of use
  2. Do not send large amount of messages
  3. Avoid sending same messages to multiple people
  4. Engage only people you know and freely gave you their phone numbers. It’s recommended to first add them as contacts in your phone.
  5. Minize the number of times you are engaging people that didn’t sent you a message first.
  6. Do not use any other 3rd party apps to send WhatsApp messages (such as “WhatsApp Plus” or “GB WhatsApp”).


How much does it cost?

We offer annual subscriptions based on the number of seats.

A seat is the unique combination of phone number and Salesforce username, meaning, when having multiple people that use same Salesforce user, each person needs a seat.

Visit our pricing page for more information.

After upgrading, how long it takes for my user to be updated?

Usually it takes up to 1 hour. In some cases it might take more time for your user to be updated in the system.

Feel free to contact us if it takes longer.

Refund policy

Whatslly does not refund any payments made.

However, we will consider refunding the purchase in the following cases only if your Salesforce edition is not supporting the use of Whatslly or does not include an access to the API.

In a case you have violated WhatsApp policy, you will not be refunded.

We reserves the right not to refund even in the above cases.