Connecting WhatsApp & Salesforce

Improve customer experience, streamline communication across channels and monitor meaningful 1:1 interactions.

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1:1 Customer Relationship Channel

Whatslly enables your customers to engage with your company using the channel of their choice and empowers your customer facing teams by simplifying their daily work.



Leverage known person’s data while chatting on WhatsApp to provide a relevant & accurate answers and a personalized service.



Instantly sync requests, tasks and technical issues raised by customers into in Salesforce to enhance and speed up resolution.



Gain visibility of customer interactions throughout the buyer journey by easily combining WhatsApp chats in your Salesforce reports.

How It Works

Recommended for:



Eliminate your endless switching between Salesforce and your chat screens. Enables you to update deal records or create follow up tasks instantly from WhatsApp.


Improve customer service by leveraging known data. Identify at-risk customers and track their pain points in Salesforce while chatting on WhatsApp.


Solve customer issues and speed up the troubleshooting process by leveraging Salesforce account/person know data and history. Submit new cases instantly from within WhatsApp.


Nurture prospects and customers through 1:1 personalized & relevant conversations. Keep track of every WhatsApp chat interactions for better and accurate reporting.

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Sharon F.

Sharon F.

Sales Manager

"Whatslly made a huge impact on the way we are engaging with our customers for Sales and Service”

Jonny K

Jonny K

Support Operations

"WOW! Thank you, awesome tool allowing all of our agents to connect with customers. This is what I am talking about!"

Ben R.

Ben R.

Sales Manager

"Amazing tool for sales and customer service teams!"

Yovel A.

Yovel A.

Customer Service Lead

"Very Helpful. Great tool."

Sudhakar P.

Sudhakar P.

Marketing Manager

"100% time saver, one of the easiest way to connect & sync Salesforce & WhatsApp chat data."