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Whatslly connects WhatsApp & Salesforce and helps companies improve customer experience on 1-1 WhatsApp chats with agents. It provides agents with an Agent Panel that enables them to view customers’ known details in real-time, instantly run common operations and copy the chat into the CRM.

Provide a personalized engagement by knowing your customers and their history while chatting on WhatsApp.

Instantly sync requests, tasks and technical issues raised by customers into Salesforce to speed up resolution.

Eliminate the blindness of customer WhatsApp interactions  by combining chats into your Salesforce reports.

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What It Does

Known Data in Real-Time

Automatically identifies your WhatsApp contacts. Leverage this known data to personalize every customer touchpoint.

Common Agent Actions in 1-Click

From creating leads, sending emails to copying chats into Salesforce, all are only one click away from the WhatsApp chat. 

Automatic Chat Syncing

Seamlessly copies WhatsApp messages you send or receive into Salesforce, for you to build beautiful dashboards and reports. 

Supported versions:

What It Doesn't Do

We are fully aligned and compliant with the WhatsApp terms of use, therefore, we do not provide any of the following services:

Bulk & Automated Messaging

Sending any type of mass messages over WhatsApp to known/unknown contacts, including nurturing tracks and chatbots.

WhatsApp to Lead or Case

Automatically create records in Salesforce following a message received from customers.

Mobile App Integration

Any type of emulation of the WhatsApp products including the desktop and mobile versions.

Customer to Chatbot

Customer Stories

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